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His Response: Personal Responsibility


27 dead in a shooting and people are going nuts over gun control.

I have a realistic solution: Personal Responsibility.

My firearms will never do this as they are kept safe from psycho people’s hands. Plus my family is safe from intruders in my home because I have them. My freedom is the ability to protect my family from people with guns by using my own.

A mother let her crazy ass son have access to something dangerous and see what happened? Now had he thrown molotov coctails would people be going off about banning glass bottles or matches? With the ignorance in this country, probably so.

The firearm isn’t at fault. My rifle has never rampaged shooting dozens.

I mean come on and give me a break people. Pull your head out of your butts and lock up that which you don’t want people to have. Firearms and psychotic unstable teens don’t mix. Have you not seen the percent of people on medication in this country?

Besides, I’d like to see someone try to take all the firearms anyways. Most aren’t even registered, written down, or known about by anyone other than the owners. Plus, if you consider that criminals will be criminals and have guns anyways, what is the point if not to have a firearm to protect yourself? Thus the second amendment to the constitution stands. The Bill of Rights died Dec 31, 2011 anyways with the National Defense Authorization Act.

So good luck you damned idiots with trying to take away the means of one person to end the life of another.

I’m going to take the smart road and move away from the U.S. before martial law is declared. Otherwise I’ll just have to fight for my rights… Again… And be forced to kill a fuck ton you damned idiots fighting for the wrong side.